Sustained Progress on Rukwa Coal to Power Project’s (“RCPP”) Definitive Mining Feasibility Study (“DMFS”)

  • Conceptual Mine Design and Schedule completed;
  • Conceptual Framework for Coal Infrastructure and Logistics completed;
  • Conceptual Plant design completed;

Kibo Mining plc (“Kibo” or the “Company”), the mineral exploration and development company focused on gold, nickel, coal and uranium projects in Tanzania, is pleased to announce further progress made in the development of Phase 1, Stage 1, of the Rukwa DMFS. After confirmation of initial assumptions, the establishment of a mining base case and mine design criteria, the study focused on assessing and confirming a conceptual mine plan. The most important results from this work were confirmation of:

  • Run of Mine (ROM) at 120 Ktpm;
  • Stripping ratio at 4.0 (BCM/t);

Confirmation of these critical factors therefore demonstrates that Rukwa can be mined efficiently and within previously reported cost parameters. This will be achieved by mining the pit from two starter pits (or box cuts), allowing advances on four benches (faces) and four directions along strike simultaneously. This arrangement will provide considerable flexibility in the mine plan and setup and also allow for mine waste to be deposited in the pit, significantly cutting down on hauling cost and eventual rehabilitation cost.

Louis Coetzee, C.E.O. of Kibo Mining, commented: “We continue to rapidly de-risk the mining portion of the Rukwa Coal to Power Project, with further detailed work delivered in these early stages of the feasibility process. The technical fundamentals and planning considerations are already well developed, which should allow a quicker than expected advance into Phase 2, Stage 1 of the DMFS.”

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