Kibo Energy is on a path to transformation – in favour of providing cleaner, sustainable energy solutions to facilitate the global quest for net zero carbon emissions in the UK and Sub-Saharan Africa.

We are also addressing very different power needs across our markets: in Africa, there is an acute power deficit with a massive 60% of the continent without power, thus the opportunity to build and supply base load supply and become a major player is vast. Currently, 600 million people in sub-Saharan Africa live without power.

The UK market, meanwhile, is rapidly shifting from fossil fuel base load/large scale gas to Reserve Power gas and renewable but often intermittent energy sources including wind and solar. There is huge opportunity here to build reserve power and sustainable energy assets to plug the gaps.

Opportunities and Investments in our portfolio include:

  • A 19.52% interest in LSE-listed MAST Energy Developments (MED), which is seeking to develop and operate Reserve Power plants across the UK.
  • Building a portfolio of Waste-to-Energy assets in South Africa with SA-based Industrial Green Solutions (Pty) Ltd in which Kibo will own a 65% stake.
  • A 8.42% interest in AIM-listed Katoro Gold plc, Katoro Gold PLC (AIM:KAT), the strategic and precious minerals exploration and development company.
  • A collaboration agreement with Enerox GmbH to develop innovative long duration energy storage solutions.

Corporate Structure